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Protecting your creations

Some types of IP protection, such as copyright, unregistered designs and unregistered trade marks, are automatic rights which require no registration, and generally arise as soon as there is a record made of what has been created.

Other, more disruptive, forms of registered IP protection, such as patents, registered designs and registered trade marks, have to be applied for and granted before the creation can be fully protected.

Obtaining registered IP protection is not a “rubber-stamping exercise”, and UK Intellectual Property Office data suggests only around 1 in 20 patent applications that are filed without the help of an IP professional are eventually granted.

Why do you want to protect your creations with a patent?

Patenting is not cheap. There is no getting away from that fact. A patent, or a pending application, is a however a commercial asset that has value.

The decision to seek patent protection to protect your creations has to be driven by a business case that evaluates the commercial opportunity, cost and risk.

It is therefore crucial at the outset that you consider the size of the market to determine if it is worth protecting and capitalising upon your innovative products or processes. If you have concluded there is a business case to justify a patent filing, then please do get in touch so that we can discuss the filing and application procedure and the likely challenges ahead, and see what can be done to protect the innovation within a realistic budget.


We do work to fixed fee arrangements for the filing and prosecution of patents and designs. Dependent upon budgetary constraints, we can also partner with other patent specialists and experts to more strategically focus our contribution and control costs.

To keep the initial filing costs down, we sometimes recommend the filing of a “provisional” patent application. This filing strategy is really aimed at entrepreneurs and microbusinesses who are looking to get a patent application filed as economically as possible, so that they can safely speak to potential collaborators/investors/manufacturers/customers with a “patent pending” before incurring further costs.

The key to starting the patenting process on a budget is to understand the projected future costs and deadlines, so that you can lay the groundwork without investing recklessly.

What our clients say

Whilst looking for a patent lawyer, I asked a friend of mine who is also in the law profession if he knew anyone, he highly recommended Leslie and gave me his contact details. From our initial meeting Leslie made the patent application easy and simple to understand as I knew nothing about this process, the application that he produced covered everything that we needed to protect in order for us to start approaching manufacturers and clients with the knowledge that we had the security of patent pending supporting us. Due to Leslie’s services we now nearing the date to our patent application being granted which has given our company a massive head start and advantage over our counterparts. Leslie is always on the end of the phone whenever needed, and I would highly recommend Leslie Prichard to anyone needing support in the patent application process.

Anthony James, Track Tracker

Intellectual Property can be incredibly complicated and detailed, so thank goodness we have Culverstons supporting us in this aspect of innovation. Les presents a human face to this dry but essential factor in bringing products to market, explaining clearly and mapping the route ahead. I actually look forward to our meetings and see him as a part of the team.

Lisa Furlong, Green Mole Ltd

Getting started

Generally this involves an initial meeting to explore how we can assist you.

Since the founder of The IP Shed is a UK Chartered Patent Attorney, any discussions regarding your ideas are deemed to be “in confidence” and do not prejudice your rights to obtain IP protection.

The feedback we receive from our clients is that we are user-friendly and approachable, so please do get in touch here to arrange a discussion.

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