We provide high quality, affordable and regulated Intellectual Property (IP) advice

to UK-wide entrepreneurs and businesses.

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The IP Shed is aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses

who often find that using traditional patent advisers can be slow, expensive and inaccessible.

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What is the IP Shed?

The IP Shed provides high-quality, affordable and regulated intellectual property (IP) advice to UK-wide entrepreneurs and businesses.

The IP Shed is aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses who often find that using traditional patent advisers can be slow, expensive and inaccessible. The IP Shed marries the latest technology and practices with regulated expertise to help our clients navigate the patenting process to a budget, so that they can unlock the value in their smart ideas and innovations.

Why The IP Shed?

The IP Shed is the culmination of many years’ tackling the problem that entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses are almost always working to a budget to protect their IP, and yet it is these burgeoning ideas and innovations that often need the most disruptive forms of IP protection to help stop others from copying them.


We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their commercial objectives and implement a tailored IP strategy to protect their key ideas and innovations.

By using videoconferencing and the latest case management software we are able to be lean and keep our overheads low.

The feedback we consistently receive indicates that clients value much more than our competency and knowledge, they value agility, responsiveness and the peace of mind that a trusting relationship brings.


The IP Shed was founded by Leslie Prichard, who is a UK Chartered Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney and European Design Attorney.

Prior to entering the patent profession, Leslie served an electrical apprenticeship in the UK nuclear industry before studying electrical engineering at university, and was awarded a PhD on a project funded by a major US company.

With over 20 years’ IP experience, Leslie has worked both in industry, as an in-house patent attorney for the European business of a US multinational, and also for well-known IP attorney firms.

Inspiring confidence in our clients

The IP Shed has helped many businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs secure IP protection for their smart ideas.

From the initial meeting to discuss the concept, through drafting and submission of the final application Leslie grasped the concept immediately, inspired confidence throughout and added real value to invention.

Jonathan Holt, Carista IP Ltd

We applied for a relatively complicated set of patents for our IoT devices across a number of territories. Leslie gave us fantastic advice throughout, allowing us to get the protection we really needed without running up huge costs. He also made the process really easy for us, so we provided the key information on the product, and he handled the rest. I’d definitely recommend him if, like us, you don’t have much experience in patent applications.

Thomas Bennett, Drainage Management Services Limited

I have been using Les as my patent attorney for some years now and have found him quick to absorb the essence of an idea and very quick in putting the same into an application. His costs are always reasonable and his estimate of acquiring a patent very accurate.

David Williams, serial innovator