Why The IP Shed?

About us


The IP Shed is a trading style of Culverstons, which is a traditional “bricks and mortar” patent attorney practice based in Cheshire.

Culverstons was founded in 2015, and was based out of a shed for the first two years. Leslie Prichard, the founder of The IP Shed, has an intimate knowledge of the problem of affordability of robust IP protection for start-ups.

Work with us

Many start-ups are based in sheds, garages, spare rooms, kitchen tables, etc. and we want to work with those exciting and disruptive businesses.

The IP Shed allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to get a high-quality patent application filed at a cost that is affordable to many entrepreneurs and small businesses who would then be able to safely speak to possible collaborators/investors with a “patent pending” and have regulated UK patent attorney representation.

Some truly massive companies had humble beginnings in sheds and garages

You will have seen the famous image of Jeff Bezos’ first Amazon office, and sheds and garages have spawned other multinationals like Hewlett-Packard, Google, Apple, Walt Disney, Harley Davidson, etc.

Getting started

Generally this involves an initial meeting to explore how we can assist you.

Since the founder of The IP Shed is a UK Chartered Patent Attorney, any discussions regarding your ideas are deemed to be “in confidence” and do not prejudice your rights to obtain IP protection.

The feedback we receive from our clients is that we are user-friendly and approachable, so please do get in touch here to arrange a discussion.

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